Keratin Treatments


A unique solution system for today’s green market demand. Made with a blend of botanical infusions, fruit extracts (Strawberry, Kiwi, Myrtle Leaf, Bilberry, Orange, Lemon, etc.) and keratin protein provides incredible performance and results.

Monaluce Keratin is not like other formulas available in today’s market. It does not only transform the hair in its entirety, but this organic formula also promotes healthy hair by using the latest technology in hair restoration systems. It works on all hair types, leaving it healthy looking, glossy, straight, shiny and frizz-free for up to six months.

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Before Treatment

Monaluce treatment product lines are made in the USA. The Monaluce Keratin TreatmentTM is neither a traditional relaxer nor a straightener. In fact there’s nothing traditional about this new type of service. It does not involve any harsh, chemical treatment process that can over-process hair and leave it in poor condition. Monaluce hair treatments and styling products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all types of hair.

After Treatment

Keratin, the primary protein of hair, nails, and skin, can be remarkably effective as the key component of a conditioning and straightening treatment, transforming hair to an incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other strengthening techniques, most keratin treatments actually replenish the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. They penetrate and coat the hair, but do not do damage to the cuticle. The result is straight, silky hair that can be styled with ease. The effects of a keratin treatment are “semi-permanent.” The hair’s volume slowly returns over a given period. The healing effects can last much longer.

Aftercare, as with any other salon service, is essential to maintaining shiny, healthy hair. Monaluce provides a full line of after-treatment products, available through Aryana Salon.

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